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We believe our one-day workshops can make a real difference to children's application of creative writing and we aim to leave a lasting impression on our audience.

Here is what some of our customers have said so far:-


"Thank you for a very entertaining and worthwhile experience. The children were so inspired to write and their enthusiasm was due to your entertaining and thought provoking lessons. It was fantastic to witness the children engaging with the writing process. I have read their stories and it is evident that not only did they thoroughly enjoy the sessions but also gained a lot of knowledge and skills."

Year 6 Teacher, Ravenscroft Primary, Kirkby


"All the writing activities were engaging and captured the children's interest throughout the day. I was concerned that it may have been overload for the children as with SEN or behaviour issues and lack concentration. However, the story telling gripped the children as they all listened attentively and did what was asked of them. The orb writing was inspirational. All the children wrote down excellent sentences continuing the story. I do have some reluctant writers, with one boy in particular having specific learning difficulties. But for them they all wanted to write and produced superb sentences."

"The children loved making and tasting their blood cake which will inspire some great instruction writing. The play at the end was a great session, all the children participated and co-operated with each other. Your stimulus and enthusiasm throughout meant that all the children wanted to learn and perform."

Year 6 Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes, Partington Manchester


"I only came to see it for about half an hour at 9 o'clock and ended up staying all day it was that good."

Governor, Holy Family, Ingol, Preston


"The day was a great hit. It was full of fun and all inclusive activities. The children didn't realise how much quality writing they were doing. It gave us enough material to continue for a further 2 weeks."

Year 6 Teacher & Deputy Head, Holy Family, Ingol, Preston


"Just to let you know how much our children enjoyed your workshop. It was amazing to see all the children really enjoying writing! We have some very reluctant boys, but they got a lot out of the day. We have put some photos up at school and they are really enjoying re-living their experiences."

"On a separate note one boy wrote his name in your book, and was thrilled by that. Over the last few years he has refused to write, even though he has good ideas. So to be chosen on the day was a real highlight for him. He has started writing this year, which we are all so pleased about. I think the Spooks stories really ignited his imagination. Thanks again for a wonderful day."

Year 5 teacher, Gorsefield Primary, Radcliffe, Bury


"Even a strong man can succumb to the wiles of a pretty girl with pointy shoes." - Attack of the Fiend

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In the Classroom
Spook Johnson
In the Classroom
Spook Johnson
In the Classroom

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