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Specialist Services

Spook Teaching offers a range of specialised services which can meet the needs of schools looking for a specific literacy or drama outcome for their pupils. We can deliver bespoke workshops on a range of themes, produce literacy events featuring Joseph Delaney and a Spook Teaching performance, oversee Spook's Apprentice play performances, and advise teachers about teaching in character. Please let us know your requirements - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Specialist Services 

Bespoke Workshops

Spook Teaching is able to tailor a workshop event around your specific needs. Our workshop performers have strong skills in teaching, acting, and performance planning, so we are able to meet many requirements. Bespoke workshops include theme-based outdoor events, Spook camping adventures, and interactive dramas. We also design literacy workshops specifically for small groups of children with high/complex needs.

We can also combine workshops with Joseph Delaney author visits. Here children get to meet Joseph after their workshop to discover how the Spook’s World was created, and get top tips on writing! We have special packages for this which offer great value.

Whatever your requirements please get in touch to discuss - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Teaching In Character

Our performers have specialist expertise of teaching in character. As part of our specialised services we offer a one-hour 'teaching in character' seminar for groups of teachers in which one of our Spook Teaching head educators will advise and share some of their skills and knowledge.

These seminars can be arranged as part of a workshop package or may be available as a stand-alone event, subject to availability.


Play Direction / Oversight

Spooks Play EditionAlong with being a co-founder of Spook Teaching and acting Head of Spooks in the North West, Stephen Delaney is also a playwright. He has penned a play version of The Spook's Apprentice first published in March 2014. He has recently worked with a number of schools to produce a Spook's Apprentice play providing direction and oversight of play rehearsals.

Spook Teaching is pleased to offer play performance direction/oversight as a specialised service provided by our playwright and teacher Stephen Delaney and accomplished actress Cathy Shiel.


"Now it's the dark's turn to be afraid." - Curse of the Bane

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