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Bringing Literacy to Life

Spook Teaching offers a truly original workshop concept - character delivered literacy teaching.

Spook Teaching's workshops originate from characters and storylines from 'The Spooks' series of books by Joseph Delaney.

There are a wide range of workshops available covering many themes, genres and age ranges from EYFS to KS3.

Our qualified performers provide a drama driven, engaging environment for children to enjoy and have fun learning.

We are bringing literacy to life.

In addition to our workshops we also offer a number of follow-up services to ensure that our impact on children's learning can continue. We also recommended 'Spook' literacy activities for class teachers to continue on their own path.

Our online services for pupils include:- fun activity downloads, a monthly writing competition and links to The Spooks World.


"The moon shows the truth of things." - Curse of the Bane

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New for 2016 -

Ghosts of the Titanic Young Writer’s Workshop


Scrooge’s Ghosts Young Writer’s Workshop


Spook Teaching featured in BBC School News Report.


Spook Johnson
In the Classroom
Spook Johnson
In the Classroom
Spook Johnson
In the Classroom

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